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RipOff Infotivity Complaint is Phony

History of Rip Off Report Lawsuit

Many Organizations Find Rip-Off Infotivity Complaints are Absolutely BOGUS!





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Rip-off Infotivity Report is TOTAL FRAUD!

Many organizations have brought started and won lawsuits vary much like the Infotivity rip-off over these many years. Remember, not anybody have located any rip-off about anything since Infotivity was started 40 years ago. ZERO Infotivity rip off complaints and/or ripoff of any description were even filed. Some of the noticeable examples of these many lawsuits are below.

Infotivity Rip-Off is UNTRUE!

Wikipedia Ranks Ripoff Report as a "Internet Scams" !

Wikipedia connects Rip Off Report with ALL these ILLEGAL criminal things:

There are a Numerous Important Rip Off Problems

Many well knpw web testing companies consultants have tested the suspected Infotivity company and web site and have NEVER found Infotivity ripoffs or any thing else that would be harmfel to anybody. The idea of rip-off Infotivity complaint are is totally BOGUS.

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